Zero Consult began as a health and human service consulting group with primary involvement in funding and program development for non-profit organizations internationally. As the global healthcare economy grew, and changed to a “thin margin” sector in rural regions of the U.S., we altered our work to address the growing needs for revenue in family medicine, district hospitals and all FQHC’s. What we are seeing in the U.S. now is matching what we've been seeing in the low resource environments in Africa and South America for decades. The range of services are becoming increasingly limited in rural clinics, which is driving patient populations into urban settings for basic care. Many populations lack the mobility, and certainly the funding, to travel great distances for such care. The result is an increase in morbidity and mortality. It's inevitable to see these consequences in low resource environments when service saturations are controlled only by urban providers. Our organization is staffed by a group of health philanthropists and consultants with primary exposure in the community health sphere, many with specific qualifications in behavioral health, primary care, and pervasive developmental disabilities – where funding streams and options for transition age children often get left behind as adults. Our philosophy at Zero is one of ‘zero exclusion’ across health. Since rural and small clinic health modeling has transitioned far from the ‘country doctor’ who granted all patients a ‘no interest’ financing arrangement for their family health needs, funding has become a matter of life and death, quite literally

Zero prides itself at being a true partner to each of our clients, rather than a "distant source of information". Each one of us at Zero are ready to accompany you into the rooms and onto the calls where funding is being discussed, and aferwards disbursed. We know how difficult it is to ask for funding, and "zero" interest in abandoning the processes we support until the funding is in hand, and our clients are satisfied with the result.

If you have a lack of funding, and therefore services, in a rural health setting, we should be your first call. We are skilled in leveraging partnerships across medicine and philanthropy to address small market needs.

Health service funding always starts at Zero. We help bring it to where you live.